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Ragtime Music and Midi Sites:
Ragtime Specific Sites:

Irwin's Ragtime, Stride, Swing and Novelty Piano Page.
My good friend, Irwin Schwartz, is online and his site is loaded with great MIDI files and useful information about these piano genres.
Ragtimer's Home Page
Mary Haley's COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE for all ragtime music infomation.
The Primline MIDI Libraries
A nicely organized, comprehensive Ragtime MIDI library can be found in this commercial site. Check out their wonderful products also!
The Ragtime Express and Bohemia Ragtime Society
The home pages of the Bohemia Ragtime Society and the online site of The Ragtime Express, a great mail-order source for anything and everything Ragtime.
The Rose Leaf Ragtime Club Home Page
Southern California's premier ragtime performance club. I am usually in attendance at the monthly meetings and you might even catch me doing one of my rare public performances.
Old Town Music Hall, El Segundo California
Southern California's premier Ragtime Venue. Home of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ and the twin 9 foot Bosendorfer and Steinway Concert Grands.
Ed Hobbs' Ragtime MIDI page
Ed has a nicely done selection of his own Ragtime Midi Files here. It is Ed's Cakewalk .CAL program which gives my MIDI files their stereo effect.
Inlux Editions
Composer/arranger George Bogatko's Home Page. Don't miss George's great original compositions and piano roll arrangements.
Ragtime Press
Ragtime performer/composer Sue Keller's work can be found on this page. Sound bites from her CD's and downloadable MIDIs including sequences transcribed from Eubie Blake piano rolls.
David Greenfield Bowie's Piano Music Home Page
Don't miss composer/performer D. Greenfield Bowie's original ragtime compositions.
Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime - March - Waltz Web Site
Check out Colin's voluminous library of classic ragtime MIDI sequences. This is also the home page for the West Coast Ragtime Festival.
The Scott Joplin WebSite
Though still under construction, this new site is devoted to becoming the most complete Scott Joplin site on the Internet for both beginners and long-time ragtimers.
DECOY's Scott Joplin Page
Lots of Joplin sequences.
Jeff Powell's Home Page
Many Scott Joplin MIDI sequences.
Herbert Harari's MIDI Music Page
Herbert's great collection of Jazz, Blues, and Ragtime MIDI sequences.
Warren Trachtman's Home Page
Ragtime buff, Warren Trachtman has assembled an ecclectic collection of his Ragtime MIDI sequences for your enjoyment. Don't miss the Jelly Roll Morton stuff!
The Swedish Ragtime Page
Swedish ragtime composer Oleg Mezjuev's home page has a very good collection of ragtime MIDI files. It also contains the works of his and other Swedish Ragtime composers.
Ron O'Dell's Ragtime Page
The "Keeper's" Long Lost MIDI files. Listen to Ron's great original ragtime compositions and be sure to read his "Personal Ragtime History".
Stormi's After Hours Ragtime Cafe
Beautifully designed Ragtime pages with sections on Ragtime history and MIDI files. This page is actually part of the larger site at Be sure to check out the rest of her site.
Walt E. Smith's Home Page
Download Walt's MIDI sequences of Ragtime music. Includes music of May Aufderheide, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Artie Matthews, Jay Roberts and Percy Wenrich.
Archive Productions Home Page
David Jasen, ragtime pianist, composer and record producer has several CD's and music folios of reissued historical ragtime music for sale on his site.
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine
The site features vintage recordings of popular music from 1900 - 1940 in streaming RealAudio Format. The site is divided into two sections. One features popular jazz and dance band recordings from the 1920s and 1930s. The other features older, acoustical recordings from 1900 - 1925. This latter section will probably be the one of most interest to fans of ragtime.
Live-broadcast Ragtime Radio Shows on the Internet
Three weekly Ragtime radio shows are live-broadcast on the Internet. Find out how to hear them!
The Rag-Time Ephemeralist
This publication, devoted to the Preservation and Dissemination of Articles and Items Relating to Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century Popular Music, is certain to meet all of your home or office syncopation needs.
The Mississippi Rag
For more than 24 years, The Mississippi Rag has covered traditional jazz and ragtime like no other publication. Each month The Rag presents exclusive feature stories by top writers on contemporary and legendary giants of traditional jazz and ragtime, plus stories on less well known but accomplished musicians.
The American Rag
America's Largest Traditional Jazz and Ragtime Newspaper. Each month The American Rag serves up over sixty pages of commentary, news, articles of interest and reviews as well as the people, places and festivals defining the excitement of today's Traditional Jazz and Ragtime scene.
K.C. Ragtime Revelry Home Page
Kansas City Ragtime Revelry is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Kansas City's legacy of ragtime music. The page includes selections from their quarterly newsletter the "Revelry Rag" Unfortunately, the page is almost 2 years out of date.
Galen Wilkes' Home Page
Galen Wilkes is one of the country's foremost contemporary ragtime pianists/composers.
A LINK to more ragtime Links
Mary Haley's Links page is the most comprehensive and well . . . organized ragtime links page on the net. When you have exausted all my links, go here for more.

Other MIDI, MUSIC, and PIANO Sites:

Mike Meddings'[s] Eclectic Web Site
Mike Meddings is one of those jack-of-all-trades wizards. In addition to containing a large library of MIDI sequences (his own and those of others), the site features comprehensive treatment of mechanical playing devices. Mike builds and restores everything from mechanical player mechanisms to complete player pianos. The site contains a wonderful collection of historical documents as well.
A wonderful resource for piano information. Everything you wanted to know about pianos but didn't know where to look. Don't miss this wonderful site!
Viridiana Productions
Ragtime performers/composers Scott Kirby, Frank French and David Thomas Roberts have formed their own record company, Viridiana. Read about all their new releases on their new Web Page.
Murray Pfeffer's Big Band and Swing Page
A great Big Band and Swing Resource. Don't miss the "walking tour of Harlem in the '30's" and look up your favorite musician or band in the Big Band Database. This site is huge.
Jack McPartlin's Home Page
My good friend Jack McPartlin has a new web page featuring his great twin-piano stride music. Don't miss his new CD too.
Da Hauze of Maximum Bob
The tasteful site of my Dutch buddy Hans Spieker, aka Maximum_Bob. Lots of MIDI links and Jazz piano info.
Meliora Music Rolls
Tim Baxter is dedicated to creating limited edition 88 Note player piano rolls of the highest quality. Meliora Music Rolls has now released 6 John Roache piano roll arrangements.
Artcraft Music Rolls
Roll arranger L. Douglas Henderson's page. Douglas' unique "Interpretive Arrangements" will create a virtuoso performance on your 88-note or reproducing roll instrument.
Tempola Piano Rolls
Roll arranger Andy Taylor's page. Listen to MIDI's of his great piano roll arrangements.
CaraMedia Digital Music
This site is referred to as one of the most informative MIDI sites on the Web. It has been featured in Keyboard, Music and Computers, and Electronic Musician Magazine.
It's a great place to seek answers to your MIDI questions and problems. In addition, the site is a great resource for anyone looking to learn about, or share in the computer music and sound making experience.
Midi Mania
The home page of transplanted Texan Betty Kainz in Vienna, Austria. Betty's nicely designed page has many interesting links and a half dozen or so of her TRULY OUTSTANDING original midi sequences. Don't miss my favorite, "Suddenly".
Judy Carmichael's Home Page
America's "First Lady of Stride Piano". Information about Judy's upcoming gigs, available recordings and music folios.
Jean-Pierre AMRINGER's Piano-Jazz Midi Page
Jean-Pierre has a great collection of jazz piano MIDI sequences at his site, including some ragtime.
MIDIWorld International
A wonderfully constructed page with a multitude of MIDI files, Links and Resources. Visit them and enjoy the BEST MIDI music on the WEB!
MidiFitz MIDI Software
The Real-time MIDI Accompaniment System for Windows™ 95/NT. You play the keyboard, MidiFitz™ plays the bass and drums.
The Midi Web
A good Internet resource for ALL THINGS MIDI
The Midi Farm
Internet MIDI resource page
Standard MIDI Files on the Net
A very comprehensive listing of all sources of MIDI files on the internet.
Pete Woodworth's Nickelodeon and Orchestrion Page
A Page devoted to those interested in orchestrions, nickelodeons and other automated music machines
The Complete List of Midi Files
Looking for a particular midi file? You'll probabably find it listed here.
Piano On The Net
An On-Line class for teaching piano lessons on the Internet.
Cliff Odenkirk's original music and many links to some of the better and more unusual MIDI sites on the Internet
4CD Multimedia Page
Excellent source for multimedia software and hardware
Soundblaster AWE32 Home Page
Excellent source of AWE32 sound card information.
Cakewalk Home Page
An excellent non-commercial page for Cakewalk sequencer users.
MIDI home page
Links to a multitude of MIDI sites on the WEB plus a large MIDI archive.
Electronic Music Sources
Good links to electronic music info of all types including MIDI.
Harmony Central
Excellent MIDI reference page with lots of links!
Web Page Publishing Sites:
I have had many queries about how I constructed my WWW page. I did it all myself. And so can you! I taught myself HTML by looking at other WWW page's HTML code to see how they did it. Look in your web browser's "cache" directory and you'll find the HTML scripts for several of the last WWW pages you accessed. Using a good HTML reference, you should be able to figure it all out. Here are some links to references I found very helpful:
The Primeline HTML tutorial
WebMaster John Popp's nicely organized guide to building your own page. Just look at what he has done on his! Get all you need to know from the expert. John has been a great help to me in building my web page.
Bells n' Whistles, Animations and Graphics for your Web Site
Charlie Tupper's got all sorts of goodies for your Web Page. Enjoy some of my music while you are there too.
How Do They Do That With HTML?
This is a great page for learning advanced HTML tricks.
The Web Master's Page.
If you can't find what you're looking for here, it doesn't exist!
Good references, links and tutorials.
The Hot Dog HTML editor.
The best shareware HTML editor around. The HTML reference and tutorial are a nice bonus too.
The Web Counter.
A VISITOR COUNTER for your WWW page.
Web Tracker.
Track your Web Page Statistics

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