Downloading a MIDI File:

After selecting the title you want, Download the complete MIDI file by clicking on the title or the GET MIDI icon.

Next, your browser will notify you that you are downloading a .ZIP file (or possibly an "unknown" file type, depending on how your browser software is configured) and will probably prompt you for a helper application to help display or execute it. Click NO on this option or select Save File. (This option will vary depending on your browser software)

Next you will be prompted to SAVE the file. Select the disk directory to which you want to download t he file and click OK. The file should now download to that disk directory.

Since my midi files are compressed into a .zip file it will need to be decompressed using a decompression utility before you can play them (see below). This is best accomplished offline but you can do it while you are online too. Each .ZIP file has an explanatory .TXT file included. These MIDI performances are © 1995-1997 by John E. Roache and you may distribute these files for non-commercial purposes only but ONLY in their ZIP archive form with attached TEXT FILES.

Unzipping (decompressing/expanding) these files:

Here are some Utilities you can use:
The original DOS (and now Windows).ZIP compression/expansion utility.
THE Windows utility for compression/decompression of many archives including .ZIP.

StuffIt Expander:
For MacIntosh. The new version will expand (unzip) .ZIP files. HOWEVER you must be using Netscape 3.0 in order to download this program. Check out the instructions on this page. It contains a lot of technical MAC mumbo-jumbo which I don't understand (Jeeze, I thought MACs were supposed to be user friendly compared to PC's) If you understand all of this and the "chicken & the egg" principle then download this sucker.
Otherwise, use this one....
Another option for MAC users is to use the NEW PKZip MAC version of the original PKZip software.

Listening to a Sample of a MIDI file while online:

If you have a sound card with MIDI playback capability and you are using WWW browser software (like Netscape) which will launch a midi player "helper application"e; when it receives a downloaded midi file, you can click on the LISTEN icon to hear a 15-20 second sample of the file while you are reading it's description. Click HERE for help configuring your web browser software to play online MIDI files and a link to the source for a SLICK shareware MIDI player.

Having MIDI playing problems?
Warren Trachtman has written two informative FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) on the subject of playing MIDI files which will be helpful if you have trouble playing these files.

MIDI FAQ for PC users MIDI FAQ for MAC users

These WWW sites have a wealth of more technical MIDI information available.

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